Amber Jewell experienced extreme neglect, abuse, and long-term trauma as a child.  She grew up in and out of foster care from a home that was substantiated on for emotional and psychological abuse, among other findings. 

As her journey concurs, foster care is always a life-changing experience! 

As an adult, Amber experienced life-altering medical needs due to long-term child abuse effects.  Nonetheless, even through challenges she has faced, Amber always refuses to let her story end there! 

She shares tools for hope, healing, and forgiveness to bring joy to the youth through adults who have faced hard times!


Philosophy and Experience

 Amber shares her journey in a way that shows how life is tough but so are you!  She provides specific ways that each of us can change lives by making little moments matter.

As a master social worker, Amber has over 15 years of experience working with youth and families in child protective services, education, and mental health services.
Having been a foster child, a foster parent, and a social worker, Amber has a multidimensional understanding of the issues involved.

 Amber has confidence in the power of any person to plant  good seeds in the lives of those they serve and educate.  Amber motivates and challenges others to find strength in the skills they can use to make a difference.

Amber Jewell uses research, compassion and laughter to provide her audience with a sense of strength that is too often left behind.

Sheuses powerful tools within her testimony and professional knowledge to touch audiences in unexpected ways!

 Professional Experience

  • Prek-12 School Social Worker
  • Trust Based Relation Intervention-Certified Trainer
  • Child Protective Services: Case Manager, Supervisors, Adoption Specialist
  • Business recruiter, marketer and mentor-child match assessment provider
  • Individual, Couple and Family Therapist
  • SED Children in Urban Community case manager
  • Adults at risk of state hospitalization case manager
  • Educator and Advocate for vulnerable youth and families
  • National Presenter & trainer at organizational events, conferences & churches
  • Adjunct professor
  • Successful Survivors Speaker Bureau presenter
  • Kansas Family Advisory Network-Board member
  • Kansas National Association of Social Work-Board Member



  • Licensed Master and Bachelor of Social Work
  • Minor in Sociology
  • Certificate in Life Issues
  • Associate of General Studies: Emphasis in Human Services
  • Certified Trust-Based Relationship Intervention


 Training Experience 

  • Youth and teen development-stages and needs
  • Aging out of foster care transitioning
  • Collaboration between schools, agencies and mental health
  • Faith-based and/or professional self-help skills
  • Professionalism and client compassion
  • Mental health needs of children, families and couples (exp: PTSD, ACE, resiliency, trauma, etc)
  • Behind Closed Doors: inspirational autobiography (6th grade to adults)
  • Self Care and retention
  • Trauma informed care and collaboration
  • Motivational Speaker 
  • Main speaker and break-out trainer
  • Trust-Based Relational Interventions
  • Suicide Awareness


*Amber lives in a rural community with her husband, son, daughter, two cats and a dog.  Together, they are foster parents and actively involved in their community. 


She hopes to be a seen as a true “Jewell” to everyone she meets.*


Young Child
Young Child
Amber Jewell
Amber Jewell

Motivational Speaker