Motivational Speaker



Amber has experience speaking to a broad group of audiences such as:

  • Foster/Adoptive Parents
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Schools and Staff
  • Law Enforcement
  • Social Workers and Mental Health Providers
  • Youth and Adults from hard places
  • Attorneys and Court Affiliates
  • Medical Providers
  • Religious Affiliations
  • Parents and Families
  • Foster/Adoptive Organizations/Affiliates

                  and MANY, MANY MORE!



         “Very informative and educational trainings!”   

                  — School staff & foster parent

“As a worker, it was very helpful!”


“She is an excellent trainer.”

“I am so glad I got to hear her message! An amazing speaker.”

“I will be a better foster/adoptive parent because of you.”

Popular topics presented by Amber Jewell:

Behind Closed Doors: A Foster Child’s Story of Resiliency

Amber Jewell was in and out of foster care most of her childhood having endured abuse, neglect, trauma and life-long effects; but she refuses to let her story end there!  Using a motivational approach, Jewell walks you through her experience from foster care to adulthood.

  • Explores challenges that come in life and ways to soar above them.
  • Identify the impact and difference you have relating to foster care
  • Learn the value of how your little moments make a big impact for foster kids.
  • Many attend to refresh knowing the purpose and hope in their to help at-risk youth.

**This training is great for nonprofits, variety of organizations, youth, churches, foster parents, child welfare affiliates and staff, and anyone looking to hear of the power of hope!

Growing Up and Out: Helping traumatized youth become successful

This session looks at developmental stages of youth and how trauma can influence them. It uses both a theoretical reference and hands-on approach to discuss how to better assist those who are at-risk.

  • Learn Biopsychosocial phases of childhood to adulthood
  • Explore independent living skills and tools for youth transitions
  • Identify tools that will work with youth transitioning to adulthood

Calming Care: Tools to Manage Trauma

Presentation will focus on identifying and working through trauma and anxiety symptoms including hands on tools to use for interventions.

  • Increase awareness of trauma informed care basics
  • Recognize behaviors commonly associated with trauma and PTSD
  • Identify new and updated concepts of trauma with at-risk individuals

From Trauma to Resiliency:  What to do!

Excited about the concept of trauma awareness but stuck in the “what do I do now” frustration? This is for you! Presentation will be based on the level of understanding of the group.

  • Review data and research relating to trauma
  • Identify process to produce positive change regarding trauma
  • Create a starting plan for trauma awareness implementation

Motivating Youth: How to Grow Effective Leaders

Community services, compassion, work ethic, collaboration, soft skills…we can go on, and on, and on to identify skills that our younger generations need to learn and practice in preparation for their adult lives.

  • Explore leadership skills and basic styles
  •  Identify ways to empower youth towards a plan of action
  •  Learn ways to engage youth in becoming next generation leaders

Effective Elementary Career Exploration Events

Hope is one of the most powerful emotions behind motivation and elementary is the best age to embed this motivation.

  • Identify how elementary career plans can help coordinate with state education plans
  • Learn steps to organizing a career event for elementary age children
  • Find tools to continue the learning for kids in daily learning environment(S).

Nurturing the Special Characteristics of One with ADD/ADHD

They’re funny; they’re friendly; they’re energetic; they’re creative. These are all statements that are common in conversations around those with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. Alongside that though, are many frustrations!!

  • Identify symptoms of ADD/ADHD
  • Explore ways to work with kids that have ADD/ADHD
  • Discuss strengths and barriers for those who have ADD/ADHD

Y.O.U. Matter: Balancing Self Care and Success

  • Explore the meaning of Y.O.U. for effective services
  • Identify ways to manage self-care
  • Discuss ways to intertwin self-care, helping others, and success.

Suicide Awareness

  • Identifying data and research relating to suicide
  • Exploring suicidal risk factors
  • Discussing ways to provide support in at-risk situations

Other topics include faith/church, hope, anxiety, stress, collaboration, relationships, communication, and MORE!

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