Hope: An expectation of something to happen (+)

We ALL need it and deserve it!!

So….how do we GET it? Great question!!

Join Amber in her 30 day Hope Project exploring words A-Z that impact our ability to find HOPE. It’s easy…all you need is:

  • Pencil
  • Journal
  • Youtube/Social Media Access
  • A desire to grow
And……go on….
X in or X out things in your life!
Little wins lead to big victories!
Versatility is a great skill for success!
You are unique!!
Think about what you can TAKEAWAY!
Learn tips and tools for discovering your own success!
We all have them—how do we care for them?
I quit—-Do you?
This doesn’t mean you don’t face challenges…it means you make it through…
Oreos are awesome—So are finding things we love in life… as much as oreos
There are a lot of ways to take care of ourselves. One of them is saying no!
Do you have a mentor?
Bahaha—laughter!!! A tool, a joy, a contagious source of resiliency.
Kindness is way more powerful than the credit it is given.
Joy is greater than happiness.
The Hope Project J is for Joy and Jesus

The Hope Project J is for Joy and Jesus #Easter #resurrectionsunday #joy #Jesus

Posted by Rhonda Sciortino on Sunday, April 12, 2020
Help has no bias to it! We all need it.
Giving your gift(s) to others will be reciprocal!
Forgiveness is a journey but a freeing one!
Finding what you enjoy equips you with the ability find joy in what you do!
“Baby shark..” says “do-do…do-do..” right?
Courage is a powerful tool in facing fears and challenges
Believing that you are capable is a step to moving from acceptance to action
The A is to accept some things that can allow you to grow.